You can expect our daily features to offer new dishes on a regular basis.

Feel free to let your favorite Big Island Associate know about other dishes you’d like us to try next at our local restaurant.

Monday: Mama Dinang’s Chicken Sotanghon (Long Rice) $9.95

Tuesday: Beef Tatsuta with 3 scoops $12.95

Wednesday: Shrimp Karei Raisu $14.95

Thursday: Chicken or Pork Adobo with 3 scoops $10.95

Fish Friday: Chef’s Pick of the Week $ Market

Saturday: Tim Yong’s Pulled Pork Sandwich with Mango-Sweet Pepper Slaw and 2 scoops $10.95

Sunday Brunch: Our ‘Salad Bar’ becomes ‘See Food Bar.’ See food. Eat it. $14.95LB